What I Offer

Individual therapy for children and adolescents

50 to 60 minutes: $150

Meet one-on-one in a safe and confidential setting to develop individualized goals and work through difficult life situations. The length of time in individual therapy will vary based on each individual’s needs.  

Family therapy

60 minutes: $200

Meet with the entire family to provide support with a child’s behavior in the home, difficult family situations, and to provide psychoeducation around how to best support parents and children in the home. 

Parent coaching or guidance sessions

30 minutes ($100)
60 minutes ($150)

Sometimes parents need support with how to manage a child’s mental health symptoms in the home environment. I will provide a variety of skills for you to utilize in the home environment with your child to help increase stability in the home. 

Collateral meetings and engagement

15 minutes – 30 minutes: $50
30 minutes – 45 minutes: $100
45 minutes – 60 minutes: $150

I will work collaboratively with parents to support them with navigating the mental health system, social services, the court system, and the school systems.